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Taxi Cab . Named 'Call-a-Cab'. It looks like a yellow taxi cab.
Terry LaBonte Race Rig Fone
Terry LaBonte
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The "Terry Labonte Race Rig Fone" was manufactured by Columbia Tel-Com. This is identical to the Jeff Gordon Race Rig Fone but with different colors and graphics.
56 Thunderbird Phone
56 Thunderbird
Kash N Gold. Pushbuttons are on the bottome and it hangs up when set down. Available in red or light blue models, both with a white roof.
Tide #10 Car . Car is approximately 9" long. Detailing is of the Tide car driven by Ricky Rudd. One piece phone. When set down it hangs up. Dialing is on underside. Push button, redial and mute. Made by Columbia Broadcasting 1991. Also marked Owner Tooling.
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