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Click to flip open the burger!
Closed, it looks like a cheeseburger on a sesame seed bun. When you open the `bun' you see the keypad. There is a little nameplate on the inside of the top bun that says 'Hamburger Phone'. Diameter is 4-1/2 inches.
Happy Face . Yellow phone with black eyes and smile.
Heart . This plastic red heart shaped phone measures 6 inches by 6 inches and has push button numbers on the under side. Lays flat to hang up. Cord is 60 inches.
Heart II
Click to see the keypad!
Heart shaped phone made by Columbia Telecommunications Group, Inc., called Heart II. The handset is in the center of the heart and when you pick it up you can insert a picture of your "loved" one in the middle of the base. Features: push button dialing, tone/pulse, mute, redial, wall mountable or table. It comes in a pink box showings a small inset picture of the phone on the wall, and full picture of handset facing up (numberpad showing) and base with picture inserted. The box says, "Love telephone for Affection and Beautiful Decor." An owners manual,limited warranty, and large/ small phone cords are included.
Hello Kitty Phone
Hello Kitty Phone
PINK Hello Kitty Telephone. Has flashing red light on the ringer and dial touch button when ringing. Measures: 7" x 3". Features a MUTE and REDIAL button, and it also has a cute 3D Hello Kitty Head on the receiver. Copyrighted 1976, 2000 Sanrio Co., LTD. (Tokyo, Japan).
Hello Kitty Phone
Hello Kitty Phone
Hello Kitty from Sanrio. Kitty's wings and heart-tip on her wand light up when phone rings. Sanrio Co., LTD. (Tokyo, Japan).
Highway Pump Station
Highway Pump Station
Tone/Pulse switchable, Ringer on/off, Ringer light on/off, Star/Pound button, needs 4 AA batteries for ringer light, wall mountable too. 8-1/2" wide x 16" tall.
Click to see it open!
It is a real telephone in the shape of a hippopotamus. It is a flip-open style phone about 6" long and 3" tall. The colours are rusty orange and creamy white. The hippo's mouth stays closed until you want to make or answer a call. When you lift him up, his mouth opens WIDE for you to talk and listen! He has touchtone dialing. When calls come in, you can either have the ringer sound alert you, or you can move a switch on the bottom if you prefer and his eyes will light up with the ringing!
PAN-NI Horse telephone
PAN-NI Horse telephone manufactured by Ching Kong Tech Int'l Co., Ltd.. Features include clear tone, FCC approved, ISO 9002 certified, last number redial, flash, mute, on/off switch.
Model number: CKT-227.
Hot Dog Phone
hotdog fone
Click to see box and keypad!
One-piece telephone that looks like a hotdog with mustard and relish. It features a tone/pulse switch, mute key, and redial key. Pick up to answer and keypad is on bottom. Measures about 8" long. Model HD-8003. Copyright 1991 T.I.L. Made in China. Other phones in this series are the Pizzafone, French Bread Fone, and Cornfone. Click here to see the instruction sheet.
Hot Dog
Click to see the keypad!
A one-piece telephone that looks like a hotdog with mustard and relish. Features include a tone/pulse switch and last number redial. Manufactured by Minya, Model Number: DELUXE DOG.
2000 retail price: $23.65.
Hot Dogs
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Hot Lips
Hot Lips
Click to see the receiver!
Telemania, dated 1984. Shape of red lips. 8 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 inches high. Push button. Two piece fully modular push button phone. Tone/pulse switchable, redial. Hearing aid compatable.
Manufactured by Xiamen Xiahong Telecommunication Appliance Co., Ltd. in China. Model HA598(5)P/T-06 Sculptured Telephone with a Lovely Small House Design. Features two-dial mode, tone/pulse compatible, Flash function, 32-digit redial function, Call hold Adjustable ring volume, Casting shape uses silica gel materials, Life-like and lasting color painting techniques.
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