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P-51 Mustang . (See Fighter Plane Telephone)
Pepsi Pickup Truck
Pepsi Pickup
Licensed by Pepsi, Tone/Pulse switchable, Last number redial, Ringer on/off Ringer light on/off, Star/Pound button, Lights flash when phone rings. Retail price about $55.
Police Car . .
Porsche 928, clear . Made of Transparent plastic so you can see all the colorful electronics inside! When a call comes in four neon bulbs flash on and off along with a pleasant ringer. Pick up this one piece phone to talk and set down to hang up. It has push-button dialing, tone/pulse switchable, redial button, mute, and a colorful coiled cord. Approx. 7 inches long.
Porsche 928 . Available in red or white models.
Prowler Phone
Polyconcepts 'PROWLER PHONE'. Looks like a Plymouth Prowler! Features push button dialing, last number redial, flash function, tone/pulse dialing, and the head and signal lights flash when the phone rings.
Model Number: PROWLER PHONE. Original price: $55.30.
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