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This is the "Shellamar" Telephone made by Teleconcepts Inc. of Hartford,Conn. With the shell lid down, this phone measures 12" long and is 10 1/2" wide. When it rings, it sounds like it is underwater! The shell lid keeps the receiver out of sight until you wish to use it and can be kept up or down as you prefer.
Men's Black Shoe
Men's Black Shoe
Black Men's dress shoe telephone about 10-1/2 inches long. Looks like a real shoe, size 9-1/2.
high-heel shoe
Made by Columbia Telecommunications in 1997. Cord can be stretched approximately 7.5 feet. The dial pad is on top where a woman's foot would go. This phone is tone/pulse switchable and has mute and redial. To make or answer calls just lift it up and connection is made. Telephone is about 7" long. The side of the box says "Size: 7 1/2". The box shows a woman holding the phone with pictures of roses in the background.
Soccer Ball
soccer ball
The Challenge SportsPhone, by Challenge. The ball is 4" in diameter. It is white and black and looks like a real soccer ball. The ball part of the telephone sets on a plastic base that says Sportfone. When you flip open the ball it has "Soccerball Fone" printed inside. The receiver "hides" in the ball base. Features tone/pulse switchable, last number redial, mute, electronic ringer, hearing-aid compatible. Manufactured by Minya. Original retail price $24.90.
Stegosaurus . .
stove phone
A one piece full feature electronic telephone that looks like an electric range with overhead oven. You set it on any table and it hangs up. Features auto-last number redial.
swan phone
Two-piece limited edition hand-painted telephone looks like a swan. Available in black, white, or gray. Features electronic tone ringer with ON/OFF switch, selectable Tone/Pulse dialing, 32 digit last number redial, and a hold button. Measures about 8.0" x 3.75" x 4.5" (LxWxH). Made about 2003.
Swatch 'Tequila Sunrise' . A bright translucent red telephone.
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