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Dale Earnhardt Car
Dale Earnhardt
A replica of Dale Earnhardt's racing car. Headlights flash when it rings. Comes with authentic Dale Earhardt peel off stickers (Goodwrench markings, paint design and DE's autograph). Phone measures 7" x 3.5". Has a Mute Switch, Last Number Redial, Tone/Pulse Switchable, Fits any Modular Jack, includes Power Cord.
Dale Earnhardt RCR Transporter Fone
Dale Earnhardt Transporter
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The "Dale Earnhardt RCR Transporter Fone" was manufactured by Columbia Tel-Com.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Car
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Car
A replica of Dale Earnhardt Juniors Budweiser # 8 race car. The headlights flash when the phone rings. Authentic Dale Earnhardt Jr. peel-off stickers included. Phone measures 9"x 3.5". Has a muste switch, last number redial, tone/pulse switchable. Fits any modular jack. COomplete with power cord.
Davey Allison Car . Made by Columbia Tel-com. A replica of Davey Allison's #28 Havoline Ford racing car. It is black with yellow and red logos, headlights flash on when it rings. It is FCC approved, ETL approved as per UL 1459 standard, has mute switch, last number redial, tone/pulse switchable, fits any modular jack complete with power cord, authentic Havoline markings and paint design, and includes Davey Allison autograph. It measures 9" x 3.5". Side panel of box has picture of Davey Allison, with racing statistics. This phone was released prior to Davey Allison's death.
Dodge Dakota
Dodge Dakota
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Made by Unisonic. This phone looks like a midnight blue Dodge Dakota truck. It is an officially licensed Dodge product. Features include redial, mute, on/off switch, tone/pulse. The phone splits horizontally with the top half becoming the handset.
Dodge Shadow . .
1994 Dodge Viper
1994 Dodge Viper
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Telemania. Copyright 1994 Paramount Pictures, all rights reserved. VIPER is a trademark of Chrysler Corporation and is used under license. Phone looks like a one-piece red Viper car as seen on the TV show "Viper". Tone/pulse switchable, Last number redial, Push buttons on bottom of car. Phone hangs up when car is set down. It has a beep beep ringer and flashing headlights whenever a call comes in . FCC and ETL approved. Retail price about $30.
Double-Decker Bus
Double-Decker Bus
Polyconcepts Double-Decker Bus telephone, Model Number: Double-Decker. Two-piece phone features ringer on/off, flash. Manufacturers suggested retail price is $44.66.
Note: This is very similar to the Polyconcepts phone listed as 'The Beatles'.
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