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LA Gear Sneaker
LA Gear Sneaker
1990s telephone that looks like a tennis shoe. Features tone/pulse switch, last-number redial, ringer on/off switch. Made in China for Custom phones Inc. Model TENNY-TS300.
Lego . See Tyco
(The) Little Mermaid
Little Mermaid
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Little Mermaid sea-shell phone made by Lenbrook features Ariel on the handset and Flounder & Sabastian on the shell. The frosted shell lights up when the phone rings. It was made by Lenbrook under the BrookTel name, licensed by Disney, and released in late 1997 with the re-release of the movie. The handset sits inside a base that is shaped like a seashell. Colors are light blue and pink, the thematic colors for all Little Mermaid products. The phone and handset are small, designed basically for young girls. This is a fully functional phone featuring an Illuminated Handset and Sea Shell (lights up with each incoming call), Last Number Redial, Ringer Volume Control, Flash Feature as used with call waiting or 3-Way Calling, tone/pulse Dialing, and it is Hearing Aid Compatible.
Little Sprout
Little Sprout
A Green Giant promotional item, this phone is marked 'The Pillsbury Co., 1984'. Little Sprout is two-tone green and stands on a rectangular base. The telephone receiver rests on the base and is held by his right arm. It is approximately 13" tall and 6" wide. The telephone has a touchtone pad, but dials like a pulse phone. Ringer on/off switch, last-number redial, mute key. Made in Hong Kong.

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