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Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Harley Davidson
1993 Telemania phone available in red, blue, or black with red flames on the tank and looks like a Harley motorcycle. It is very detailed, has lots of plastichrome, and sits on a black base. It is Harley approved. It features: Electronic push button telephone, (under the seat and tank), Tone/pulse switchable, last number redial, Horn sounds (beep beep) and headlights flash when phone rings, ringer on/off, mute key for private conversations, hearing aid compatible, fully modular, FCC approved, ETL approved, Quality tested by GTE TESTMARK LABORATORIES. Retail price about $65.
1933 VL Harley Davidson Sidecar
1933 Harley
Click to see box and keypad!
Harley Davidson motorcycle with side car. Made in China in 1997 for Telemania. Available on in red. Tone/pulse switch, last-number redial, ringer/sound switch. Side car seat is handset. Dial pad in the side car. Retail price about $60.
Chopper fone. Flashing light in cockpit during incoming calls and stays on during use. Tone/pulse switchable. Last number redial in T/P. Dual tone electronic ringer. Adjustable with hi-low-off. Reset button. Hearing aid compatible. White, black, camouflage.
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