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Carousel Phone
The Great American Carousel Phone. The wind up music box plays 'It's a Small World'. The telephone features include: star/pound button, tone/pulse switch, dc adaptor jack, ringer on-off switch, ringer light on-off switch, music wind-up key, music on-off switch. Original retail price: 129.95.
Cat Phone
Brown Cat Phone
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Made by KCL Technology LTD. The handset rests on the cat's back and the cradle is his body. It is a push button phone and is tone/pulse switchable. It has last number redial and is hearing aid compatible. Both brown and black variations were produced. The cat has green glass eyes and is 11 inches long. Available in black or brown.
Cat Phone
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Instead of a ring the cat meows until it is answered. Features include a re-dial button, and tone or pulse dialing. It is approx 8" long and 4" high.
cat phone
Tone/pulse switchable, last number redial, FCC approved.
Yellow Cat
yellow cat
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The cat has green eyes and a bell around it's neck. It is about 9 inches long and the basket is about 12 inches long. The cat feels like it is made out of wood and is probably hand painted.
Champagne Bottle . .
Chinese Man
chinese man
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Made by ACL Telecommunications.
Christmas . .
Cinema Phone
Cinema Phone
Model Number: CINEMA PHONE, manufactured by Polyconcepts, original retail price was $87.36. Includes a lettering kit to create your favorite movie titles and flip a switch to light up the marquis, ticket booth, entrance, spotlights, and handset. This phone features push button dialing, is tone/pulse switchable, and has flash function and redial.
Ku-Ku Cock telephone
Ku-Ku Cock telephone manufactured by Ching Kong Tech Int'l Co., Ltd.. Features include clear tone, FCC approved, ISO 9002 certified, last number redial, flash, mute, on/off switch.
Model number: CKT-230.
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Cornfone one-piece telephone looks like a cob of corn. It features a tone/pulse switch, mute key, and redial key. Pick up to answer and keypad is on bottom. Measures about 8" long. Model CP-8000. Copyright 1991 T.I.L. Made in China. Other phones in this series are the Pizzafone, French Bread Fone, and Hotdog Fone.
Cow Phone
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Telemania one-piece telephone that looks like a cow. Keypad is on bottom of cow. Features a Moo-sound ringer, last-number redial, mute key, tone/pulse dialing switch.
Cow . It moos!
Cow (Tiffany) . .
Cuckoo Phone
Cuckoo Phone
Has a four color painted bird that rocks and chirps when the telephone rings or with the use of the demo, wood grain texture gives the appearance of real wood, desk or wall mountable, volume control, conventional ringer or Cuckoo ringer, redial, requires batteries.
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