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Jet Kayo Gas Pump
Jet Kayo Gas Pump
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Jet Kayo Oil Company gas pump. about 9-1/2 inches tall.
Jim Beam Bourbon Liquor Bottle . Looks like an authentic bottle of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Label is marked '200th Anniversary'. Made in the 1990s in China to mark Jim Beam's 200th Anniversary. Features tone/pulse switch, last-number redial, mute key.
Jordache Jeans
jeans phone
1980s Jordache JEANS PHONE, model HAC RON-190, by Ronsonic / RTC. Measures 10 5/8" tall. Blue jeans, white tennis shoes, black base & red logo. Also available with black jeans(pictured). Hangs up when set down. Tone/pulse switch, last number redial, mute button, adjustable ringer switch. Sold with 2 year warranty. Made in China.
'Jordache' Jeans Phone - Re-Introduced
 'Jordache' Jeans Phone
The 'Jordache' Jeans Phone was refined and re-introduced by Ronsonic / RTC in 1999. Features include Tone/Pulse switch, Last number redial, Mute button, Adjustable ringer switch: Hi-Lo-Off, Built-in lightning protection circuit, LED in-use indicator, Extra long cord, Fully modular, Hearing aid compatible, FCC Approved. Available in white or black. RTC item number: RON-190.
2000 Retail Price: $15.99

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