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Character and Advertising Phones
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Napoleon telephone manufactured by Xiamen Xiahong Telecommunication Appliance Co.,Ltd. of Xiamen, China. Model HA598(5)P/T-02 Two-Dial Mode Sculptured Model Telephone. Features two-dial mode, tone/pulse compatible, flash function, 32-digit redial, call hold, adjustable ring volume. The casting shape uses silica gel materials and life-like and lasting color painting techniques.
New Kids on the Block
New Kids on the Block
Made in 1990 in China for Big Step Productions. Distributed by Hasbro. Features tone/pulse switch, mute key, and last-number redial.
NHL Hockey
NHL Hockey
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NHL Hockey telephone. It comes with 26 logos so you can customize it for your favorite team. The hockey puck comes out so you can put the logo in it.
Number One
Number 1
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The #1 phone came from Taiwan or China in the 1980's. It is a plain white phone about 8 inches tall in the shape of #1, with the keypad on the bottom. Companies would buy these phones in quantity and have their logo stamped or painted on the phone. There are many out there including Hertz, Murry Homes, 7-Up, Computer Associates, CompuServe, TV Guide, and TANG (painted fully orange).

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