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1984 Olympics . Western Electric model ZCS2960COI Olympics '84' special edition telephone with the red, white and blue stars logo over the Olympic Rings logo. It has the red, white and blue stars logo over the Olympic Rings logo. It is marked 'AT&T: Telecommunications Sponsor 1984 Olympics'. A paper label on the back shows: 'XXIII OLYMPIAD, SOUVENIR OF AT&T'. It has a traditional 4x3 TouchTone pad.
These were the 'official' phones used during the 1984 Olympics. They were sold to the employees as souviners after the Olympics. There was another faceplate that had Western Electric as the sponser.
1984 Olympics
'Showcase Olympic Commemorative Telephone' - 1984 Olympics. This is Western Electric's model CS2961AG2-3 in black with a white rectangular plate on top with the 'Star in Motion' design and Olympic rings. It was manufactured under license from the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee. It features a flip-down front panel which conceals the keypad (2 rows of 6 touch buttons) and contains a battery powered digital clock that is visible from the front with the cover closed. It was probably sold at the Olympics and in Phone Stores as a souvenir.
1984 Olympics - Torch Carriers
Olympics Runner
This is the same as the above phone but with figures mounted on top of a man and a woman running and carrying the Olympic torch. The base of the figures is marked 'Marceljovine, copyright 83', and 'Barrett-Colea Inc.'.

Seven sculptures by Marcel Jovine were produced that could be mounted in place of the Olympic rings or displayed seperately: Torch Carriers, Equestrian, Yachting, Discus, Runner, Swimmer and Gymnast. Original prices of the sculptures was $100 - 150. Produced by the Barrett-Colea Inc. foundry, cast in polyester with pewter or bronze powder reinforced with wire and hand finished.

Marcel Jovine died in 2003, was the inventor of the Visible Man, Visible Woman, and Visible Engine models in the 1960s, and also designed the official 1980 Olympics medallion.

Additional telephone plaques were: 'Multi-Events' showing pictograms of all 23 Olympic Events, and 'Sam the Olympic Eagle', the official mascot, designed by Disney Studios.
Opus the Penguin
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1987 Opus (from Bloom County)(From the Newspaper Comic Strip "Doonesbury") penguin figure telephone. Marked 1987 Washington Post Writers Group, Made in Hong Kong or China, sold by Tyco. Pulse/tone switch, mute, redial. Opus' head swivels when you pick up the receiver. Stands 14" Tall.
Ore-Ida French Fry Telephone . 1991 phone that looks exactly like the McDonald's French Fry Phone except for a large red/yellow/brown/white label on the front that says 'Ore-Ida Fast Fries'. You push a button on the side to open it up. It was made in China for World Wide Design and licensed by Ore-Ida Foods. Features tone/pulse switch, last-number redial, mute key. Model FF-389.
Oscar Meyer Weiner
Oscar Meyer
Hot dog in bun. Red light goes on when phone is in use; touchtone pad buy pulse only in dialing process. Mute and redial. You set bun down to disconnect.
Ozzie Koala . A promotional telephone from Qantas Airlines. Made completely in Australia. A furry koala wearing an outback felt hat, one hand holds the phone, the other hand holds an Australian flag. The koala is standing on Ayer's Rock, a famous Australian landmark. He is wearing a yellow t-shirt with "Ozzie Koala" written on it.

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