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AC Spark Plug It's a working plastic telephone shaped like an AC Sparkplug. Made in Taiwan in 1985 by Synanon, it stands about 10" tall and the buttons are on the underside. It hangs up when you set it down.
Made by Planned Technologies TM, (c)1988 Alien Productions. It looks like a 13 inch tall plush Alf sitting down holding his right hand up and his left hand is folded across his body. The receiver hangs up on a bracket held in Alf's right hand. The bracket has a clear plastic covered area to write phone numbers and says 'The ALF Phone' on the paper. The receiver has 'The ALF Phone' on the keypad and has pushbuttons, redial, Ringer on/off switch, and a pulse/tone switch. The phone cords are tan to match the receiver. His face is heavy vinyl and the phone matches the golden brown color of his long fur. Sticker on bottom says 'The Alf Phone' 'Model No. 618S' 'FCC Registration No. FCE6LP-71614-TE-E, Ringer Equivalence 0.7B, U.S.O.C. Jack RJ11, Made in Hong Kong. On the back of the box, there is a picture of Alf with his TV family. it is approximately 10-1/2 inches tall x 9-1/2 inches wide x 8 inches deep. Features include tone/pulse switch, ringer on/off switch, and last-number redial key.
Alvin the Chipmunk Copyright 1984 Bagdasarian Productions. Licensed by Mode Pictures Inc., N.Y. N.Y. Measures 15 inches tall x 6-1/2 inches wide x 6 inches deep. Stickers on both sides of the base say 'Alvin & The Chipmunks'. The handset is part of Alvin's body and has a large yellow 'A' sticker on it. The handset has pushbuttons including Mute and Redial, and also has a Ringer on/off switch. There is also a tone/pulse dialing switch.It hangs up when the handset is put back into Alvin. Made in Hong Kong for Bagdasarian Productions.
AMF Bowling Pin
AMF Bowling Pin
Annie Made by Com-Vu Corporation and part of a series of 7 different characters. Made in Hong Kong in 1982. The push button dial is underneath the base and hangs up when sitting on the base. The phone is marked on the back "TRIB CO SYN INC. COLUMBIA PICTURES 1982". It is 10-1/2" tall and is a full figure of Little Orphan Annie and her dog Sandy.
Click to see the keypad and box!
Japanese character Anpanman flip phone. About 4-1/2 inches tall.
Avon phone - licensed by Avon and manufactured by Unisonic in the 1990s in Malaysia. Features include tone/pulse switch, last-number redial, mute key, reset key, flash key. Can set on a desk or hang on the wall. Model AV-52.
Avon Skin Care . .
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