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Cable Car
Cable Car
A one-piece telephone replica of a San Francisco Powell Mason cable car. A light activates when the phone rings. Ringer is switchable between a normal ring and a cable car bell sound. It is tone/pulse switchable, has both ringer and ringer light on/off switches, and has mute, flash, and redial functions. Requires 4 AA batteries. 9.25" long x 4" wide x 6" high. Made in China.
1959 Cadillac Eldorado
1959 Cadillac
Made by Telemania. Two-piece pushbutton phone, Tone/pulse switchable, Last Number Redial, Beep-beep horn ringer, Head/tail lights flash when horn rings, Modular Plugs, Hearing-aid compatible. Black, pink or red. Retail price about $42.
Car Fone
Car Fone
"Car Fone" Telephone. Car is red and looks similar to a Mercedes Benz. Keypad is on the bottom of the car. Sitting the car on a flat surface hangs it up.
57 Chevy
57 Chevy
Pulse/tone switchable. Horn sounds when phone rings. Redial. Front lights flash when phone rings. Ringer on/off. Available in Black or Light Blue models. Retail price about $34.
57 Chevy with Flames on Hood
57 Chevy
57 Chevy Pickup Truck
57 Chevy Pickup
Pulse/tone switchable. Horn sounds when phone rings. Redial. front lights flash when phone rings. Ringer on/off. Retail price about $34.
57 Chevy Fire Chief Car Phone
57 Chevy Fire Chief Car
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Telephone looks like a 1957 Chevy fire chief car.
57 Chevy Police Car Phone
57 Chevy Police Car
Telemania. 2-piece pushbutton phone, tone/pulse switchable, last-number redial, beep-beep horn ringer, headlights flash when horn rings, modular plugs.
Coors Light Car
Coors Car
Copyright 1991 Owner Tooling. Made in China for Columbia Communications. Licensed by Adolph Coors Company. Large white letters on the hood say COORS LIGHT Melling (Melling Automotive). The underneath of the car has all the buttons, on-off button, and the front end of the underneath is the earpiece. Features tone/pulse switch, mute key, last-number redial. Measures 9" in length. Model NASCAR-9.
1963 Corvette Phone
1963 Corvette
1963 Chevrolet silver Corvette telephone. The phone rings with a "beep beep" and the headlights flash as well. Retails for $22.99 at Walgreens.
1997 Corvette
1997 Corvette
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1997 Corvette Telephone. Features include last number redial, flash button, tone/pulse switchable, ringer on/off, in-use LED'S, ringer light on/off/demo switch, lighted base. Requires 4 'AA' batteries.
Polyconcepts 1957 Corvette convertible features flashing head-lights when phone rings. Model Number: CORVETTE. Tone/Pulse switchable, Flash button, Last number redial, Lights flash when phone rings, Ringer on/off, Star/Pound button. Manufacturers suggested price is $32.48.
Corvette III Fone
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Beep-beep horn, headlights flash, touchtone and last number redial. Car is 8 inches long. Retail price about $36 from Telemania.
Corvette (red)
Red Corvette
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This telephone is about 2 inches tall by 7 1/2 inches across. Made by Dialfone Ltd. in Hong Kong, date unknown. Distributed by Columbia Tel-Com Inc., CV-3777.
Corvette / Exxon
7 1/2" Long. The keypad is on the underside. It says Exxon and Corvette Challenge on both the front and back.
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