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The PANDA PHONE, by NATURE-WANDERS, is a limited edition, with crafting to cease Christmas Day, 2000. Made from hand-painted Polymer Clay. Features: Tone/ Pulse Switchable, 32-digits Last-Number Redial button, Re-Set button for hand-up. Measures approximately 6.5"L x 3.0"W x 3.05"H.
Panda Bear (Plush)
Goldbeam - PANDA PHONE. Box reads: Top Quality Plush - Model # PS-3000. Features: 2-Way Speaker Phone, mouth and eyes move in synchronization to the speaker's voice, illumniated numeric keypad, soft and cuddly, hands-free telephone, tone/pulse switchable, redial button, electronic hold button, fully modular. The Panda appears to be talking to you! It is dressed in a red and green plaid vest with gold buttons and bowtie. It is about 17 inches tall.
Panda Phone
Panda Phone
Panda Phone made by ACL Telecommunications, model ACL-208. Features tone/pulse switchable, electronic ringer, ringer on/off, last number redial, on/off button, in-use indicator.
Available 2000
Mini Panda Phone
Panda Phone
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A flip phone about 5 inches tall.
Parrot . Looks like a Rainbow Lorikeet parrot standing on a wood base.
Columbia Telecommunications Group, 1985 - Crusader Piano Telephone is marked on the bottom. The piano keys are used for dialing. When 2 AA batteries are inserted, the piano keys play music as you dial. Electronic tone ringer with on/off, Mute key, Modular plugs, Tone/pulse switchable, Hearing-aid compatible.
Philia Piano
Philia Piano
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Black upright piano novelty telephone about 5-1/2 inches tall and 8-1/2 inches long. The front flips down and the top is the handset. Requires batteries to play.
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PICKLE PHONE. Features mute, tone/pulse switch, and redial.
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PIG PHONE. This cute one-piece pig telephone is made of hard pink plastic. Pick up to answer and keypad is on bottom. Measures about 8" long.
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A fat Chinese pig wearing a very colorful robe. About 5 inches x 4 inches. Made by ACL Telecommunications, model AC1-1808-30.
Pig Lying on Back
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Pig Telephone. About 11 inches long. Rings with a stndard ring or a snoring sound.
Girl and Boy Pigs
2 pigs
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The girl pig is holding a bouquet of flowers, a purple purse, and has a crown on her head. The boy pig is carrying a brief case and is holding a ring in a box. They are about 5-3/4 inches tall.
Made by ACL Telecommunications.
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Pizzafone one-piece telephone looks like a slice of pizza. It features a tone/pulse switch, mute key, and redial key. Pick up to answer and keypad is on bottom. Measures about 8" long. Model PP-8002. Copyright 1991 T.I.L. Made in China. Other phones in this series are the Cornfone, French Bread Fone, and Hotdog Fone.
Player Piano . .
Police Box . .
Puppy Phone
PUPPY PHONE, manufactured by Minya. Model Number: PUPPY PHONE. This is is a one-piece phone with keypad underneath. The basket is NOT included with the phone but could be purchased separately. Original Price: $30.75.
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Vinyl Purse Telephone, probably from the 1960's. The handset fits in a velcro strap on the top and it has a shoulder strap. It has a zippered pocket inside and an on/off switch. You turn the switch off to hang it up. It is 10.5" tall including handset & 9.5" wide. Push button front.
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