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Egg . Looks like an egg. It opens up and the dial is in the yolk.
Magic-8-Ball Telephone
Eight-Ball Phone
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Magic-8-Ball Telephone.
Electric Guitar Phone
Electric Guitar Phone
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Electric Guitar Phone manufactured by Ronsonic (RTC). Features include Lighted key pad, Tone/Pulse dialing, Redial key, Reset key, Hi-Lo-Off ringer, and it is fully modular. RTC item number: RON-111.
2000 Retail Price: $59.99
Elephant Phone
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Vintage Dial Phone in Brass Elephant. The handset is of the French style. Stands 12" tall. Length is 12" and width of Brass Elephant is 5". The elephant has its right front foot on a ball which contains the telephone dial mechanism. Label on botton reads: Made by Evertone in Taiwan RofC.
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