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Rainbow and Cloud Telephone
A SoftFone, made by Recyco. Measures 2 3/4" wide x 8 1/2" tall x 1 3/4" deep. Made of different lays of color foam ending in blue, starting in red, with orange, yellow, hot pink and green layered between. Ear piece is a rainbow of foam and mouth piece is a cloud of foam. Has a blue cord.
Rainbow Trout
rainbow trout
Rainbow trout fish one-piece telephone. Hand painted. Features tone/pulse switch, on/off ringer switch, mute key. Made by Microcommunications.
Rex Barkifone
Rex Barkifone
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Voice-activated speakerphone that looks like a plush white dog wearing a red vest and white scarf. Barks or rings to announce a call. Lip-syncs callers voice with mouth, eye, and ear movement. This phone has a speaker phone on the dog that can be used with a remote control that activates the on/off switch, and a fuzzy bone shaped handset. About 16 inches tall. Includes a 9-volt power transformer. Made by TeleConcepts Inc.
Robot Phone SR-006 . Silver-colored phone shaped like a robot. Made by Fabrique in Taiwan in the 1980s. Features tone/pulse switch, mute key, last-number redial.
Manufactured by Xiamen Xiahong Telecommunication Appliance Co., Ltd. in China. Model HA598(5)P/T-03 Sculptured Model Telephone with Romantic Scene. Features two-dial mode, tone/pulse compatible, Flash function, 32-digit redial function, Call hold, Adjustable ring volume, Casting shape uses silica gel materials, Life-like and lasting color painting techniques.
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