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NHL Hockey Fone
NHL Hockey
Columbia Tel-Com Model NHL-26. It is about 10-1/2 inches long. The receiver lifts out of the left side and has pushbuttons. It also has tone/pulse dialing, redial, and flash buttons. The top of the phone looks like a hockey rink and has a hockey stick and NHL logo printed on it. There is also a hockey puck that sits in the phone. Team logos are included to display inside the puck!
Nickolodeon Talk-Blaster
Nickolodeon Talkblaster
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1996 Nickelodeon Talk-Blaster phone features tone/pulse switch, last number redial, flash key, ringer hi/low volume switch, hearing aid compatible, Big Red sound demo, four fun sounds:Cow Moo, Honk, Bell, and Nick Noise, plus standard ringer, Green Slime Power Rod flashes when phone rings. Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included). Model Number: TALK BLASTER, manufactured in China by Long Hall Technologies for Viacom International, original price: $50.33. Model: N2500.
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