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Pac Man
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1980s Pac-Man phone, model DEIF-8410. About four inches in diameter. To make a call you just open him up, punch the buttons, and insert your head into his big mouth! Made in Hong Kong for American Telecommunications Corp., and licensed by Bally Midway. Features include touch-tone dialing, mute key, last-number redial.
Peace Ox Phone
Peace Ox Phone
Peace Ox Phone made by ACL Telecommunications, model ACL-888A. Features tone/pulse switchable, electronic ringer, ringer on/off, last number redial, in-use indicator.
Available 2000
Pepsi-Cola Can Phone . 1980s red/white/blue Pepsi-Cola Can Phone manufactured by Tectel in Taiwan, and licensed by PepsiCo. Came packaged in a larger cardboard can that also looked like a Pepsi-Cola can. Features include Tone/Pulse switch, last-number redial, mute key. Model 1073.
Pepsi Can Phone
Pepsi Can Phone
Pepsi Can Phone manufactured by Ronsonic / RTC. Features include Tone/Pulse switch, Last number redial, Extra long cord, Fully Modular. Licensed. FCC and ETL approved. RTC item number: RON-7000.
Available beginning February 1999.
2000 Retail Price: $29.99
Pepsi Can - LARGE
Pepsi can
Mfg by Paul Nelson Industries, 14 Inverness Dr. E.,Englewood,CO in early 1980's. It is 12-1/2 inches high x 6-1/2 inches in diameter. It has a standard white phone receiver that hangs on a chrome cradle on the side of the can. It looks like a standard wall phone mechansim inside the can. The gray pushbuttons are on top of the can and the top tips forward for easier access. There is a similar phone with a Budweiser label on it.
Pepsi Can - LARGE
canPepsi can
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Label on bottom says Mfg by TecTel Incorporated, 14 Inverness Dr. E.,Englewood,CO. It is about 13 inches high x 6-1/2 inches in diameter. It has a white pushbutton phone receiver that hangs on a white plastic cradle on the side of the can. The receiver says Paul Nelson Industries, A TecTel Company. Features include mute, last number redial, and a ringer on/off switch. There are two large paper labels on the bottom of the phone. One says Pepsi and Pepsi-Cola are registered trademarks used with the permission of Pepsico, Inc. The other gives manufacturing information, the ringer equivalence number, and model number (3025). The receiver was made in Taiwan. This particular phone is serial number 09659.
Pepsi Phone
pepsi vending machine
Telephone that looks like a Pepsi-Cola vending machine. Licensed by the Pepsi-Cola Company 1995 and produced by Polyconcepts. It features Tone/pulse switchable, Star/Pound button, Ringer light on/off, redial, Ringer on/off, Free standing or wall mounting, The PEPSI lights up when the phone rings and it needs 4 "AA" batteries for the light. 11" wide x 19" tall.
Pepsi Candlestick Telephone . Pepsi Candlestick Telephone manufactured by American Telecommunications Corp (ATC) in 1974. Rotary dial with pulse dialing.
Pepsi Crystal Neon Phone
Pepsi Crystal Neon Phone
Pepsi Crystal Neon Phone manufactured by Ronsonic / RTC. This phone is shaped into a "wave". The handset is curved to fit perfectly into your hand and against your ear, is decorated with the Pepsi name and logo, and is finished either in champagne or silver color. The clear lucite base of this telephone also has the Pepsi logo. A neon tube inside can be adjusted to flash with incoming calls or to remain on continuously to serve as a nightlight, and is available either in blue or pink. Features include an on/off switch for the neon light as well as the ringer. Features include a Tone/Pulse switch, Redial, Hold function, a lighted keypad, and it is desk or wall mountable. RTC item number: RON-410P.
2000 Retail Price: $59.95
Pepsi Phone Melodie
Pepsi phone
Licensed by Pepsi, lighted vending machine, characters dance to music, demo switch plays music/characters move, Tone/Pulse switchable, Flash button, Last number redial, Ringer on/off, Star/Pound button. 8" x 10" x 9".
Pillsbury Doughboy
Pillsbury Doughboy
Pillsbury Doughboy Telephone. 14-1/2" tall. On the bottom it is marked 'The Pillsbury Company 1984'.
Pillsbury Doughboy - 2nd Style
Pillsbury Doughboy
Pillsbury Doughboy Telephone. About 16 inches tall. Apparently these were promotional items and weren't sold in stores.
Pink Panther . There are at least 3 types of Pink Panther telephone.
Pizza Inn Pizzaman
Pizza Inn 1Pizza Inn 2
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The 1980s pizza man phone is 11" tall and has a 4-3/4" diameter base. He is dressed in a red pointed hat, red and white checkered shirt with a red bolero jacket and matching scarf, white apron and black slacks. He has black hair, black eyes, black mustache and a big smile. His hands and arms are out and upward because he is tossing a pizza crust. Across the front of the base in red letters it reads 'Pizza inn'. You listen to pizza man's shoulder and speak into just under his left foot. Has plug-in cord. Push buttons are on the bottom. Features pulse/tone dialing, mute button, and last-number redial. Made in Taiwan.
Softfone made by Recyco in 1996. It is an officially licensed Disney product and is from the "Mickey for Kids" series. Features include redial, on/off ringer switch, tone/pulse, and LED light indicator.
Marketed by Com-Vu Corporation, NY, made in Hong Kong, and copyrighted by K.F.S. 1982. Hand-painted plastic touch-tone telephone in the shape of Popeye sitting on his duffel bag and holding a can of spinach, measuring 9-3/4" tall. Shown with original box. You speak into the base and listen to the spinach can.
Popeye . Rare 1980s phone depicting Popeye sitting, holding the phone receiver, and with Sweet pea sitting on the front edge of the base. Made by Imperial, but touchpad looks like those on American Telecommunications Snoopy, Kermit, and Pooh phones.
Soft Phone by Recyco
Power Rangers
Power Rangers
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers telephone, model PRT-300, made in 1994 in China for REC Sound Inc. Licensed by Saban Entertainment Inc. Features tone/pulse switch, mute key, last-number redial, in-use LED, ringer on/off switch all on the handset that sits in front of the Power Ranger figure.

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