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Alien Phone . Looks like a typical alien with large eyes with a very big head. It is basically a black disc with a green Alien face, and is shaped exactly like the Coke musical disc telephone and made by the same manufacturer (Telemania). Made in China in 1997 for Telemania products. Distributed by Kash N' Gold Ltd. Model: Alien Phone. 11-3/4 diameter x 3-1/4 inches deep. Features ringer on/off switch, tone/pulse dialing switch, bell hi/low switch, hearing-aid compatible, last-number redial key, mute key, and flash key.
Alligator Phone
Alligator Telephone
Looks like a green alligator. This is a touch-tone telephone.
Angel Telephone
A one-piece phone made of hard white plastic.
Apple Telephone
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A unique one piece novelty phone that opens in half to reveal the keypad. Tone/Pulse switchable, ETL listed and approved.
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