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Novelty Telephone Notebook

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A reference to character, advertising, and novelty telephones

This notebook contains ALL the character, advertising, and novelty telephones that we have heard of, including all phones that look like a character, advertise something, or look like something other than a telephone.
It does not include replicas of old or 'standard' telephones or 'standard' telephones with novelty decals on them.

The phones in this notebook are NOT for sale. We do not own most of these phones, so please don't ask if they can be purchased. If you are intent on buying a phone, there are a few for sale on another website.

So who am I? Just someone who likes character and advertising phones, has a few in daily use, and has a large virtual collection of them here on the internet. This is a very inexpensive, space-saving, easy way to collect something, and it is easy to let the whole world see my virtual collection!

Please Tell Me if you know of a phone I don't have or can provide more information on a phone listed!

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Note: Please do NOT contact me to purchase phones. This list is ONLY a reference for collectors!
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