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Scott Super XII Radio
Scott Super XII
Scott's smallest radio for 1938, this Super XII has 12 tubes and is in a Braemar style cabinet.
Sengbusch Airite
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Sengbusch Airite
'Personal Radio Combination'

1930's radio with built-in light, clock, and pen holder, made by The Sengbusch Self-Closing Inkstand Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The pen holder section includes an inkwell marked 'Sengbusch'. An article depicting this exact radio was published in The Pennant, Fall 2009, by the Pen Collectors of America.
Setco Dice Radio
This unique radio looks like a dice! It was made by Setco. This radio is more commonly seen in various colors without the dice spots.
Silvertone 115 Radio
Silvertone Model 115
This cathedral-styled radio sold by Sears-Roebuck in the 1930's features a front made of plain wood with an attractive photo-finish.
St. Regis Radio
St. Regis radio
Stewart Warner R10 Radio
Stewart Warner R10
This radio was made in 1933 for the 1933 World's Fair.
Stewart Warner R432 Radio
Stewart Warner R432
This 1930's AM radio has a very unusual streamlined wood case. The case is identical to an International Kadette Tunemaster except that it is longer and has a speaker on the rounded end.
Stromberg Carlson 225H Radio
Stromberg Carlson 225H
This 1930's multi-band radio has a beautiful wood cabinet with rosewood on the front and top, and with various inlays on the sides. Stromberg Carlson made high-quality radios and this one is no exception.
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