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. Acratone, repwood cathedral
Airline, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
American Bosch 200 chest radio
American Bosch 854T tombstone
Arcadia radio/phonograph console
Arvin 441T Hopalong Cassidy
Arvin 444 metal radio
Atwater Kent 66 ornate console
Atwater Kent 82 cathedral
Atwater Kent 84 grandfather clock
Coca-Cola Cooler
Colonial New World
Crosley 2C1 (Sampler)
Crosley 58 Buddy Boy
Crosley 59 Showboy
Crosley 66TW
Crosley Library Universal 141, and Deluxe 148
Crosley 187 mantle style
DeWald A-501 catalin
Dr. Pepper cooler
Eaglete lamp radio
Echophone 80 cathedral
Emerson Mickey Mouse
Emerson AU-190 catalin
Emerson AX-211 plaskon
Emerson Snow White
Eveready Model 2 with speaker
Fada 280T wood
Fada 6A6 plaskon
Firestone 4-A-217
General Electric G-106 console
General Electric K-63 cathedral
GM grandfather clock radio
GM table radio (219A?)
Grebe M1-2 console
Hallicrafters SX-28 & PM23 speaker
International Kadette 1024
International Kadette 1129
International Kadette Classic
International Kadette Jewel
International Kadette Junior
International Kadette Pastime
International Kadette Rolls,salmon
International Kadette Topper,white/brown
International Kadette,gothic style
International Kadette,wood,blue,maroon,silver,black
International Kadette,wood,orange/black
Jackson Bell 24 Peter Pan
Jackson Bell Gilfillan 84 Peter Pan
Majestic Charlie McCarthy
Majestic Lone Ranger
Majestic Melody Cruiser
Marconi 115
Mayfair 630-A Compact (Clago)
McMurdo Silver 15-17
Metz Beer bottle radio
Midwest 11-36
Midwest 16-34,model PR-16
Midwest 16-35,model B-16
Midwest 16-35,model D-16
Midwest 170
Midwest G-9
Midwest Q-16
Midwest Royale Avon
Northland clock cathedral
Otto H. Schmitt
Philips LX444
Philco 38-690
Philco Jr. Model 80 cathedral
Philco P-22 'Mustang'
Philco PT-69 clock radio
Pure Oil radio
RCA 40X-53 (La Siesta)
RCA 40X-58 NY World's Fair
RCA 75X17 Chinese
RCA 9-TX Little Nipper plaskon
RCA 9-TX,yellow catalin
Scott 15 in Westminster cabinet
Scott 23 in Warrington cabinet
Scott Super XII in Braemar cabinet
Sengbusch Airite Personnal Radio Combination
Seimens K32GWB Nazi radio
Sentinel 286PR Treasure Chest
Silvertone 115 cathedral
Sparton 558,blue mirror
St. Regis
Start the Music book radio
Sterling Deluxe
Stern & Stern 'Conserton'
Stewart Warner R-10 World's Fair
Stewart Warner R-1282-A tombstone
Stewart Warner R432
Stromberg Carlson 225-H
Stromberg Carlson 231-F coffee table
Sylvania U-235
Trophy Baseball
Trophy Bowling Ball
U.S.Radio & Television Apex37
USL / Kadette Radio
Victor RE-45 radio/phono
Viking 92 cathedral
Western Air Patrol
Westinghouse repwood tombstone
Wilcox Gay
Zenith 10S153 console
Zenith 5R317 with glass rods
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