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Sorry, the items shown below are NOT for sale.

Lakeside Phonograph
Lakeside cylinder phonograph.

Edison Home Phonograph
Edison Home cylinder phonograph in a custom carved case.
Fairy Phonograph lamp
Fairy Phonograph Lamp made by the Endlessgraph Manufacturing Company. The left post contains a switch for the electric phonograph motor and another for the two light bulbs. Sound travels up the tonearm, down through the right post and through a fitting that can be rotated to control volume, and out the lamp base.
Clariona Reed-Pipe Orguinette
Clariona Reed-Pipe Orguinette.
Click picture for a close-up.
Mechanical Orguinette
Late-1800's mechanical orguinette that I am restoring. Click picture for a close-up.
Phonograph Links
Phonograph Parts, Dealers
Automated Musical Instruments - Player Pianos, Nickelodeons, Band Organs, etc.

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