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Alvin the Chipmunk Phone

Alvin Phone
Click to see the handset!
Copyright 1984 Bagdasarian Productions. Licensed by Mode Pictures Inc., N.Y. N.Y. Measures 15 inches tall x 6-1/2 inches wide x 6 inches deep. Stickers on both sides of the base say 'Alvin & The Chipmunks'. The handset is part of Alvin's body. The handset has pushbuttons including Mute and Redial, and also has a Ringer on/off switch. There is also a tone/pulse dialing switch.It hangs up when the handset is put back into Alvin. Made in Hong Kong for Bagdasarian Productions.
Cabbage Patch Kids Phone

Cabbage Patch Kids Phone
A Cabbage Patch Girl (blonde hair, pink dress and white tennis shoes) doll telephone. Made in Hong Kong for Coleco in 1984. Features include touch tone dialing, mute key, last-number redial key, and in-use LED. Extra long cord. This phone is unique because the girl's arm is stationary and doesn't move when you hang up. The receiver has 'Coleco' inside the handle area and is unique to this phone, having a magnet in it that activates the hang-up mechanism inside the girl's arm. The phone is about 12 inches in height and the base is about 10 inches by 6 inches. On the back of the base is a Ringer on-off switch and the standard phone cord connector.
Football, Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated Football
Click to see it open!
This is a small replica of a football and is also a telephone. It was a promotional item by Sports Illustrated. It has push-button dialing but generates pulses rather than tones.

Used condition. Works fine. Some plastic has chipped off along the edge inside the flip-open part where you talk into it.
Golfbag Phone

Golfbag Phone
Click to see the receiver!
Realistic movable golf clubs, golf ball buttons.
Hersheys Chocolate Milk Phone

Hersheys Chocolate Milk Phone
Click to see the keypad!
This 9-1/2 inch carton of Hershey's Chocolate Milk is actually a telephone. It was made in Taiwan for Arrow Trading Company, and licensed by Hershey's. Features include last-number redial, mute key, touch-tone dialing. Model 6000
Keebler Elf

Keebler Elf Phone
Copyright 1985, Keebler Company.TelELFphone, distributed to store managers as a promotional item. Phone is 13 1/2" tall from the bottom of red base to top of the elf's hat. Entire phone is plastic with very vivid red, yellow, green & white colors. Says (tel Elf phone) across front at bottom.

This is in very nice but used condition and operates fine. No box.
Raid Bug Phone

Raid Bug Phone
Marketed in the 1980s by Com-Vu Corporation.
Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh Phone
Dated 1976 by American Telecommunications Corporation. It stands 14 inches tall. This touchtone phone has a red and brown plastic base with Winnie holding a brown receiver in his right hand and touching a blue butterfly with his left hand. The butterfly is often missing on this phone since it is very fragile. This phone is listed on page 94 of Carol Smith's Winnie The Pooh Collectables II book.

I also have a lamp attachment made to fit these American Telecommunications phones that I would sell for $20 without a shade, or $30 with an original shade.


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