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Music Master Ware Model 250 Battery Radio
This is a nice example of this very rare radio. This radio was a joint effort between Music Master and Ware. It was a very expensive radio when new in 1925 at $250, so very few were sold. Then, both Ware and Music Master went bankrupt. I have not tested this radio, but it appears to be complete, minus the tubes. One unusual feature of this radio is the internal loop antenna which you can turn with a knob on the front panel. There is some pot-metal in the tuning mechanism and the dial is not turning. Otherwise, the radio is in very nice condition.
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Miscellaneous Radio Items

Saal horn
Saal Symphony Grand Radio Reproducer
A beautiful 1920s radio horn speaker! This is in original condition and works great. The bell is thick brown bakelite and the base and neck are metal with a highly-textured bronze finish. There are some nicks and scratches, but generally it looks very nice. The cover on the bottom has a nice decal that says it is a 'Saal Symphony Grand Radio Reproducer, Mfg by H.G. Saal Company, Chicago, Ill.' Bell diameter is 13 inches, overall height is about 21 inches. I have used this speaker with a 1920's battery radio and it plays well.

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Handbook of Semiconductor Electronics new
1. Handbook of Semiconductor Electronics.
- $6
About 700 pages, covering physics and technology of transistors, diodes, and photocells, Circuit design and applications, and reference material. It goes into great detail on many subjects and is an excellent book! Edited by Lloyd P. Hunter, 2nd edition, printed in 1962.
ARRL License Manual
2. ARRL Radio Amateur's License Manual.
- $6
Soft cover book published by ARRL, copyright 1981, 78th Edition. Chapters include Amateur Licensing, The Station License, Passing the Exam, The Novice License, The Technician/General Class License, THe Advanced Class License, The Amateur Extra Class License, International Regulations, and U.S. Amateur Regulations. Very Good used condition.
1954 Beitman book
3. Beitman/Supreme 1954 Television Diagrams, Volume TV-8.
- $6
192 pages of servicing information covering 23 different brands of television from Admiral to Zenith. Copyrighted 1954 by Supreme Publications, Compiled by M.N. Beitman. 8 1/2" x 11". Excellent condition.
1957 Beitman book
4. Beitman/Supreme 1957 Television Diagrams, Additional (2nd) Volume, Volume TV-13.
- $6
192 pages of servicing information covering 15 different brands of television from Admiral to Zenith. Copyrighted 1957 by Supreme Publications, Compiled by M.N. Beitman. 8 1/2" x 11". Excellent condition.
1964 Beitman book
5. Beitman/Supreme 1964-65 Auto Radio Diagrams.
- $10
128 pages of servicing information covering over 200 automobile radios from most manufacturers. Copyrighted 1964 by Supreme Publications, Compiled by M.N. Beitman. 8 1/2" x 11". Excellent condition.
Bigger Profits in TV new
6. Bigger Profits in TV.
- $3
Soft cover 122-page book by Ray A. Snyder of Coyne Electrical School and Donald B. Shaw of Howard W. Sams   Co., copyrighted 1955. Very good condition.
Novelty Radios
7. Collecting Transistor Novelty Radios, A Value Guide.
- $12
Soft cover book by Robert F. Breed, copyright 1990. 217 pages. I believe this was the first book to cover the subject of transistor novelty radios. Lots of photos and good information. Good condition.
Collectors Guide to Transistor Radios sold
8. Collectors Guide to Transistor Radios.

Soft cover 254-page book by Marty   Sue Bunis, copyrighted 1994. A great price guide filled with hundreds of collectible transistor radio, descriptions, and values. Good condition although front cover has many creases.
Dictionary of Electronics
9. Dictionary of Electronics.
- $8
Hard cover by Harley Carter A.M.I.E.E., published by Hart Publishing Co., New York, NY. 410 pages. Dust jacket is very good, first page stamped 'Reserve Book, Discarded', pages excellent.
10. Digital Theory and Practice Using Integrated Circuits.
- $6
Hard cover book by Morris E. Levine, published by Prentice-Hall, Copyright 1978. 400 pages. Very good used condition.
by Considine
11. Encyclopedia of Instrumentation and Control.
- $12
Hard cover book with dust jacket, by Douglas M. Considine, copyright 1971. 788 pages. It looks like a very comprehensive reference book! Excellent used condition.
General Class Test Guide
12. General Class Test Guide.
- $4
Soft cover book by Dick Bash, KL7IHP. Second edition, first printing , 1980. ISBN 0-938408-00-359. 117 pages. A nice book with study topics and questions with answers that will help you study for your general class license. Excellent condition.
2nd Edition
13. How to Pass Radio License Examinations, 2nd Edition.
- $6
320 page book by Charles E. Drew, Copyright 1938, 1944. Pages are excellent, pictorial hardcover is good, dustjacket has little tears and wear on the edges. 6-3/4" x 9-3/4".
14. Integrated Circuits Guidebook.
- $6
Hard cover book by Ken Tracton, published by Tab Books, Copyright 1975, First Edition, First Printing. 195 page book intended for the electronics hobbyist. Chapters include IC Construction and Operation, External Components, Power Supplies, Working with ICs, Operational Amplifiers, Digital ICs, Hybrids and Interface Circuits, Audio Projects, Calibration Devices, Mathematical Analysis of the Operational Amplifier, IC Function and Characteristics, General IC Data, Circuit Value Formulas. Very good used condition.
Modern Radio production
15. Modern Radio Production.
- $5
Hard cover book by Lewis B. O'Donnell, Philip Benoit, and Carl Hausman, copyright 1986, ISBN 0-534-05064-6. 258 pages, light cover wear. An interesting book with 14 chapters covering all aspects of producing radio programming. Very Good used condition.
Modern Radio Station Practices new
16. Modern Radio Station Practices.
- $5
Hard cover book by Joseph S. Johnson and Kenneth K. Jones, copyright 1978, ISBN 0-534-00550-0. 418 pages, very good condition.
worldbandradio 91
17. Passport to World Band Radio - 1991.
- $6
Soft cover book. Includes perspectives from 150 countries, News and Entertainment scedules, 1991's best radio buys. 383 pages. Very good used condition.
Philco Antennas book
18. Philco Television Home Study - Antennas, 1952.
- $10
A 121-page book , parts 2 and 3 of Philco's Television Home Study Course. Covers antenna theory, design, types, and applications. 8 1/2" x 11". Very Good condition.
19. Practical RF Communications Data for Engineers and Technicians.
- $6
Soft cover book by M.F. 'Doug' DeMaw, Published by Howard W. Sams, First Edition. Copyright 1978. 256 pages. Chapters include Ferromagnetic Devices, networks for Semiconductor Circuits, Transmitter Design Basics, Receiver Design basics, Practical Communications Antennas. Very Good used condition.
1973 handbook
20. 1973 Radio Amateur's Handbook.
- $6
Soft cover 664-page book published by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is a wealth of information. The Standard Manual of Amateur Radio Communication. Good used condition.
21. The Radio Amateur's VHF Manual
- $9
Soft cover book published by ARRL, Copyright 1972, 3rd Edition. A 352-page book covering amateur radio communication above 50MHz. Mint condition.
Radio Collectors Directory
22. The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide.
- $4
Soft cover book by Robert E. Grinder and George H. Fathauer, copyright 1986. 321 pages. A Over200 pages of prices - a standard reference book from the 1980s. Well used with partially torn spine.
Radio Operators Q&A Manual new
23. Radio Operator's License Q A Manual.
- $4
Hard cover book published by John F. Rider. Copyright 1964, Sixth Edition, by Milton Kaufman former instructor at the Department of Radio Operating at RCA Institutes. 5-3/4 x 8-1/2 inch book with 720 pages plus suppliments. Good condition. no writing anywhere except previous owner's name inside the cover, front binding edge is still attached but is loose.
24. Radio Television Electronics Dictionary.
- $5
Soft cover book published by National Radio institute, 1962. 190 pages. Very Good used condition.
25. SAMS Advanced and Extra-Class Amateur License Handbook.
- $6
192-page softcover comprehensive study guide to the FCC Examinations for the advanced and Extra-Class Amateur Radio Licenses. By Howard D. Pyle, W7OE. 2nd Edition, 1st printing, copyright 1968. Excellent condition. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2".
FCC Radio Operator License Q A new
26. Successful Preparation for FCC Radio Operator License Examinations Q A.
- $6
Hard cover 689-page book by Darrell L. Geiger of the Cleveland Institute of Electronics, copyright 1960. Good used condition.
27. Tandy's Money Machine.
- $12
Hard cover book with dustjacket by Irvin Farman, copyright 1992. How Charles Tandy built Radio Shack into the World's Largest Electronics Chain. Excellent used condition.
Tape Recording the Sounds of your Life new
28. Tape Recording the Sounds of your Life.
- $5
Soft cover 128-page booklet by Mark Mooney, Jr., and copyrighted 1964. A very interesting book with photos! Nice condition.
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