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These are parts I need to complete some old radio speakers.
Please let me know if you have any of these!

-- Call 612-867-3615 or email gif@usfamily.net --
Amplion AR-43 Base - Amplion AR-43 horn speaker base and driver.

- Amplion AR-111 horn speaker driver

- Atwater Kent model K speaker original paper cone. I'm looking for one in excellent condition to replace the crumpled one I have.

- Cloth-covered cords for 1920s vintage headphones

- DeForest LS-300 horn speaker aluminum base

- Dictogrand R-3 horn speaker bases, red & black

- Federal Pleiophone horn speaker base

- Herald horn speaker diamond-shaped base, or entire speaker.

Qualitone 1-R horn speaker - Qualitone 1-R horn speaker fiber horn (or entire speaker).
- Racon 'Dwarf' horn speaker base, or entire speaker!

- Radiola FH horn speaker base

- Rico horn speaker bell

- Saal horn speaker base

- Safar 'Victoria' cone speaker cast metal rim

- Stromberg Carlson 2-A horn speaker base

- Stromberg Carlson 5-A pedestal speaker leg or entire stand

- Stromberg Carlson 10 pedestal speaker driver

Symphonic Globe speaker - Symphonic Globe speaker pot metal frame for driver and metal circular ring pieces.

- Tower 'Midget' horn speaker celluloid bell
- Victory-Grantone horn, reducer fitting, or entire speaker. OK if no decal but dimensions are important. Horn is made of fiber or paper mache with straight neck, about 11-12 inch bell diameter, about 18-20 inches tall, small end has a metal fitting that reduces the diameter to slightly smaller than 3/4" to fit into a 3/4-inch round fitting. Victory-Grantone speaker

- Warren Junior horn speaker base
Please let me know if you have any of the above items. Thank You!

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