The Farmer's Radio Want List
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Please let me know if you have any of these!
Advertising Signs & Literature
Anything related to radios, especially:
- Horn speakers
- International Kadette
- Midwest Radio Corporation

Battery-Operated Radios
Any pre-1926 radios, especially:
- Clapp Eastham Baby Emerson (Douglas vol1,p109)
- Cutting & Washington 11 or 12 (Douglas vol1, p147)
- Dariola 1 by Darwol Corp.(Douglas vol1,p109)
- Any deForest and RadioCraft
- Federal 161
- Federal Jr. Amplifier
- Kodel - need any models I don't have
- Marconi 106 (Douglas vol3,p56)
- Martian Beauty (Douglas vol2,p158)
- National Airphone products
- Paragon IIIA
- Standardyne Multivalve (1927)(Radio in the Home p.131)

- Tube operated bicycle radios
- Monark Silver King Coronet woman's bike, as shown (from 1955?)
Monark Silver King Coronet bicycle

Catalin Radios
Any with nice cabinets, especially:
Kadette Clockette
Fada Bullet (model 1000, 280, or 115)

Crystal Sets
Any factory-made radio, especially:
- Crosley or Harko
- Quaker Oats
- RCA or GE
- Made in Minnesota sets

Motorola 5T71
Early car radio wanted in any condition, with or without the wood octagonal speaker or control head

Midwest Radio Corporation
MIRACO 1-tube radioMIRACO 1-tube radio amplifier
MIRACO radio MIRACO sets, especially early one-tube sets with amps.
- 'Imperial' radios made by Midwest
- 'Regal' radios made by Midwest
- 'Royale' radios made by Midwest
Any plastic sets, especially:
- Classic
- Clockette
- Jewel (not solid brown)
- Topper
Kadette wood radio Wood sets: small painted Kadette deco radio

Floor-Model Radios
Any high-end radio, especially:
- Crosley WLW (with 37 tubes)
- McMurdo Silver
- Midwest - Scott Philharmonic
- Sparton 1486 (Evolution vol1, p184)
- Zenith 12A59 or Zenith Stratosphere

Any of unusual design, especially:
- Airchrome with decorative cone
- Amplion Patrician
- Cordonic speakers of any type
- Graefone
- Herald
- Sea-Tone
- Brown: H1, Crystovox, Q (Radio Art p.53)

Table-Model Radios
- Atwater Kent model 50
- Fada 43 fancy cathedral (Evolution vol1,p138)
- Hudson-Ross 3 Little Pigs cathedral
- Jackson Bell model 8 with tapestry speaker
- Zenith Transoceanic 7G605
Philco UA52P Philco UA52P
Radio Vision radio Radio Vision

Please let me know if you have any of the above items. Thank You!
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