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These are parts I need to complete some old radios.
Please let me know if you have any of these!

-- Call 612-867-3615 or email gif@usfamily.net --
- Atwater Kent breadboard green tube shades-----
- Atwater Kent 32 chassis
- Auto Indicator Pocket Radio: 4 binding post screws & 2 cover nuts.
ak tube shade
- Beaver Baby Grand crystal radio detector arm.
- Brush Pottery 'Bug' crystal set tuning coil and slider, or broken complete set
- Cabinets for battery set chassis:
18"W x 7"H opening, at least 6-1/2" deep.
18"W x 7"H opening, at least 7" deep.
18"W x 7"H opening, at least 8" deep, for Klar-0-Dyne.
18"W x 7.5"H opening, at least 9.5" deep, Pilot Super Wasp
24"W x 7"H opening, at least 7-1/2" deep.
24"W x 7"H opening, at least 10" deep, for Victoreen.

- Clapp Eastham Baby Emerson chassis parts, or entire radio
- Clapp Eastham HR hinge for cabinet lid
- Connecticut Sodion D-11 amplifier for a DR-6 receiver or entire DR-6 with amplifiers. Also need 3 binding post nuts EXACTLY like the picture. Top of nut is 1/2" across.
Connecticut Sodion radio AmpConnecticut Sodion nut
- Colonial 16 battery set chassis
- Coronado 940-A chassis
- Crosley 179 tombstone large tube shield
- Crosley 52SD cabinet
- Dayton metal dial tag that says 'TUNER' and is 1-1/8 inch between the nail holes.
- DeForest or RadioCraft D-6 lid or entire cabinet
- Echophone V3 battery set cabinet ---------
- Emerson Snow White small dial pointer --
- Eveready model 2 green metal knob
- International Kadette Clockette dial pointer
echophone v3
snow white pointer
Kadette foil
International Kadette cabinet foils.
Kadette radio
2 sets of knobs for International Kadette wood deco sets.
- International Kadette Jewel black, white, red, and lavender knobs (not repro's)
- Kodel C13 compression tuning condensers and audio transformers
- Masterphone battery set parts for my empty cabinet --------
- Midwest Radio Corporation floor model radio cabinets
- Midwest and MIRACO brand 01A and 00A tubes and headphones
- Motorola B-150 bike radio battery pack box and straps (or entire radio).
Motorola Bike radio battery box
1940 Motorola B-150 Bicycle Radio Advertisement
- Pandora crystal set detector arm
Philmore Kompact crystal set metal headband - Headband for Philmore Kompact crystal set. Looks like a double-wire band over the head with a metal piece having two bolt holes 7/8-inch apart that bolt onto the top of the radio.
- Pilot TV-37 3" TV clip-on magnifier
- Radio Shop: Need 3 binding post nuts EXACTLY like the picture. The top of the nut is 7/16" across.
- RCA R-22-S metal handle
- Star-Kist Tuna bike radio handlebar bracket
Radio Shop radio nut
airite - Sengbusch Airite 'Personal Radio Combination': Needs a good photocopy of the paper label on the bottom of the cabinet.
- Stewart Warner 345 battery set chassis
- Tom Thumb bike radio handlebar brackets or entire radio with brackets ------
- Tubes : 2M2, Crosley brand 6F7   12A7, DeForest DV7, Ozarka SJ-1, UV201 one amp tubes
Tom Thumb radio
-Valleytone battery set cabinet lid
Please let me know if you have any of the above items. Thank You!

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